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Confused by supplements

Possibly the most asked frequently asked question in both sports and the fitness industry that can be heard in gyms everywhere is…

“What supplements should I take?”

Well, an experienced coach or trainer’s answer should be,  “Sir/Mam, can I get a better look at what foods, and drinks you consume on a daily basis? And can I see what kind of training program you are currently working with? Can you tell me how much sleep you get per night? May I get a gauge on what other stressors in your life may possibly be affecting your overall health?”

So often people jump the gun and answer this question from a confused client improperly. The coach or trainer might say…

“So bro… you want to lose weight or bulk up?”

A great question to eventually ask, but not before gathering a host of other, more crucial information. This “gathering of info,” will most likely, considering the society we live in today, reveal a couple of things.

1.) The person asking for supplement information has a less than stellar diet which shows that needs to improve first and foremost.

2.) The person asking for supplement information doesn’t train hard or often enough to warrant the no2boostingniteroxide thing-a-ma-bob with a fancy label he or she wants to buy.

If you are reading this, and secretly you know that this is you, the uninformed consumer, rest easy. Your wallet does not have to suffer that impending loss in order for you to see the results you are after. It will, however, require something of you…

eat sleep exercise

A change in common belief. A change that puts most supplements at the bottom of the priority list. A change that will make you put real food, training hard, and resting optimally at the top of the health totem pole.

Once these changes have been made habit, only then will supplements become a true weapon for you. Here are a few that we recommend you implement with your now, hopefully bulletproof healthy lifestyle.

WHEY PROTEIN POWDER- One of the more standard supplements to include in between or in your daily meals, whey protein, will help fill in the gaps when you arent getting enough or would like some extra clean calories throughout the day. There are a number of delicious recipes to choose from out there, but for those looking for a start, check  this  out from the guys at Scrawny to Brawny. It’s a free PDF for you to download and make some awesome shakes. It’s no secret that it will help you add lean muscle, lose fat, and help your recovery in between training sessions.

Recommended Brands :

                                  jay robb protien biotrust pic

FISH OIL- Another very highly researched product, fish oil has proven to improve the health of people all over the globe. Taken from the tissue of cold water fish, the oil has many benefits. Among them are decreased inflammation, increased cognitive ability, and decreased risk for cardiac disease. As an athlete, I enjoy the fact that it helps me bounce back quicker from games or training sessions by decreasing the inflammation in my body. Here are two of our favorite brands.

Recommended Brands :


GREENS SUPPLEMENT- If you already get more than enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, then I truly commend you. These are two of the most overlooked food groups  in any diet, including really good ones. Even very advanced athletes and ultra fit people frequently lack consistency in this area. This is why a quality greens product derived from real fruits and veggies is highly important, especially when training hard or when optimum nutrition isn’t available. I like to consider it my “nutritional insurance” in case I don’t quite get the vitamins and minerals I need.

Recommended Brands :

athletic greens

biotest superfood

It’s tough writing an article like this, knowing that what most folks need is more knowledge about a real quality meal plan with whole foods being a priority. I feel it’s necessary though to weed you guys through the nonsense, and the marketing ploys that try and sell you products that may be even detrimental instead of positive for your wellbeing.

No, we are not doctors here at showmestrength (Not yet! Founder, Matt Kramer is currently in Chicago attending med-school), but we have been through alot as athletes, and we know what works well for us. Give some of these great products a try, you won’t be disappointed if of course you are eating and training like an animal as well!

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You won’t find any bullshit in our motivational series. We will not necessarily publish the most popular articles or the videos with the highest views to entertain everyone. What ShowMeStrength is striving for when bringing our readers inspiration are stories, articles, videos, and real life accounts of real people and real athletes who truly grind, truly overcome, and truly preserve through tougher events than you or I could ever dream of.

We want to show you not the most popular, but the most genuine people on the internet. Trusted names in the fitness, sports, and/or any industry that will help you lead an incredible life. Here are some reads to get you rollin this week..

“I make my training so hard that its impossible that the fight will be harder than my training.” Georges St. Pierre.

What Is Hardcore? by Brendon Doherty-  A great article from a cancer survivor who took his cancer diagnosis by the balls and fought harder than I thought possible. Treatments weren’t enough as you can see. He overhauled his diet and training to put cancer at a literal disadvantage in his body. Very powerful stuff.

Are You Tough? by Chris Shugart- Self-entitlement over any problem we have in this world today is the most disturbing. Kids everywhere are growing up without ever knowing what an honest days work means, never understanding what true pain is, and going into the real world without any hardcore setbacks. This article by Chris can help you all right the wrong that’s happening in our society.

Pain Don’t Hurt by Craig Weller- Craig, whether he knows it or not, is one of my favorite guys to get information from in regards to training, health, metal toughness, and lifestyle design. A former special operations warrior, he now is a coach for Scrawny to Brawny which helps guys clean up their life and become alpha males basically. He also is a coach at BarefootFts, a team of coaches geared toward training with the bare essentials with training programs designed to get back to the basics of our existence. Craig is a tough motherfucker, trust me.

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