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Jonny Gomes

Jonny Gomes

While getting ready for the week last night, I was looking through all my bookmarks of the motivational articles, videos, and quotes I stumbled across throughout the last few days.  I enjoy all different types of motivation or inspirational stories whether it be sports related or not, but for some reason a couple stories in particular kept coming back into my head.

The first two are baseball related. I know it’s a bit cliché, but there are so many great accounts of guys persevering through the minors to finally seize their unlikely dream in the big leagues. One of the best stories I’ve come across, I was fortunate to witness and see develop first hand…as seen below. The other is an E60 story on Jonny Gomes and his unlikely rise to the majors, fighting through traumatic events, and horrible odds to achieve the level of success he has to this day.

In the third article and video, brings us a really awesome story about a broke kid and his attempt to become a millionaire from scratch in two years. Really cool stuff.

Here we go. Let’s start this week off right!

This is a pic of Evan’s ID as a janitor, a job he carried only a couple years prior to making in to the MLB.

The Story of El Oso Blanco, Evan Gattis- I truly feel grateful to call Evan one of my good friends. I had the opportunity to spend the last couple years in my tenure with the Atlanta Braves getting to know Evan really well. Besides being a great talent, an extremely driven worker, and natural born thoroughbred of an athlete, Gattis is an old soul who has been through more in 25 years than most people hope to go through in a lifetime. Now that he has finally reached and succeeded in the big leagues, his story has become that of legends. Along with having a great swing, and a great story to go along with it, Evan is a class act, whom every kid out there should look up to.

Jonny Gomes : The Man Who Wouldn’t Die – In light of the Red Sox making it to the World Series, ESPN did a cool piece on one of their key additions this year, Jonny Gomes. As if surviving a terrible car crash that killed another human being wasn’t enough, Jonny suffered a heart attack that came so very close to taking his life again.

A Young Man’s Daring Journey to Become a Millionaire – With a burning desire to help his struggling mom retire, Corey Wadden set out on an outliers journey. Avoiding the safe and comfortable route, he set his earnings goal at $1,000,000, but starting from scratch. Check this out to see how he’s getting closer to making his dream come true through pure hustle.

That’s it for today friends.

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Franco arnold


Before we begin, check out this quote from the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

 “I did it because of something I’d seen in Franco (Columbo), which was his incredible willpower. I knew he could go all the way. I knew too that he was the training partner who could weather the ferocious workouts necessary in the coming year. It was important for me to be with Franco during a time when I wanted to adhere to a grueling workout schedule.”

That’s a really cool quote for me. I came across it the other day, and it inspired this article. It got me thinking of the gains in athleticism, strength, and power I’ve made over the past few years, and forced me to realize the importance that incredible training partners have had on my development. In one sentence I would say this.

“A great training partner can take a great program and make it superhuman.”

Yep. I just quoted myself, but I don’t care. I feel that strongly of a great training buddy’s impact on one’s progress in the gym.

I also don’t feel that a training partner is limited to just people who share the same program as you. In fact not one of the athlete’s that trained alongside me in Boston at CP shared the same program as I did. Each person brings an individual set of strengths and weaknesses to the table, therefore no program there is designed alike.

With that in mind, a “training partner” can be a coach, mentor, friend, family member, or even someone you don’t really care for, and probably would never go grab a beer with. That’s ok. They come in all shape’s and sizes, and here are the qualities that every great one possesses….

rocky training partner

1.) A great training partner hold’s his buddy accountable for effort and consistency.- Effort and consistency are certainly two of the biggest deterrents of training gains, and when working alone, it’s easy for many people to use their rational mind to negotiate around a tough ass workout, or showing up every day ready to crush it. It’s simply human nature for most individuals to avoid discomfort, good pain, and loads of sweat. An awesome training partner doesn’t care whether you hate him or her temporarily. He or she will push you to your breaking point, make sure you finish all your reps, all your sets, and take you beyond your comfort zone. If you can find someone around you who you feel is capable of this, bring them into the gym for a test run.

2.) A great training partner is probably stronger than you. If they aren’t, then they are usually just as strong. – This quality is something that I’ve noticed over and over. I’m no sociology major, but strong motherfuckers tend to gravitate and train with strong motherfuckers. The weak guys tend to workout together too. If you are weak, I recommend finding someone who trains hard, is strong, and does it the right way. By the right way I mean working their butt off, eating right, and living a diesel lifestyle. Find this person. Sack up and ask them for some training advice. Ask them who taught them to get strong and get the body they wanted. Just don’t ask them 2 seconds before they pull 600 off the floor. Have some feel…Maybe they can help you with a program or keep you accountable for showing up and getting after it like an animal.

3.) A great training partner isn’t a prima donna. This should go unsaid, but unfortunately it must be expressed. The last two months I’ve been training at a commercial gym, so I’ve gotten to see some of the umm how should I say this…”interesting” dynamics of not only what people do in the gym, but with whom and how they go about it. I give people a bunch of credit for showing up. If I was a teacher of gym101, that would be half the credit of my student’s grade. A great training companion encompasses the other half of the grade.  He or she trains and doesn’t simply “workout.” He or she pushes themselves and whoever they are with to the max. He or she isn’t afraid of heavy weights. He or she isn’t afraid of sweat, blood, and possibly regurgitation. Above all ,you and the person you train with have a responsibility. You owe it to each other to move weight around fast and hard, keep your head down and work without looking at your phone or socializing. Bottom line. Don’t be this guy….

skinny douche

In summary, take Arnold’s advice. Find that person this offseason with the willpower, commitment, and no bullshit workhorse mentality. Watch them, talk to them, train with them. It will take your training to levels you never thought possible.

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strength from within

Today’s motivation is all over the board and I love it. We have a couple well known fitness professionals who share their story of rising from the dark and finally living the life they envisioned.

We also have an article from our favorite women’s fitness site about taking  your thought’s of dismay, disrespect, and disgust when it comes to your body, and turning those thoughts into love, appreciation, and amazement of what your body is capable of.

Without further ado, here is some inspiration to start your week…

How Extreme Focus Can Change Your Life by JC Deen-  JC is a no-nonsense guy. That’s why we like people like him so much. He is very good at understanding what makes people tick, and using those tools to better his clients. I think he gets that, because for a long time he struggled to live a fulfilled life. A life of meaning. This article over at is in a nutshell, his life story, and how JC created through focused effort, a rewarding existence. Excellent Mr. Deen.

Moving North of the Vag by Jim Wendler– A effing fantastic title from a badass strength coach. This may be an issue that never gets resolved, but if people keep being soft, badasses like Jim are gonna keep showing up. The uphill battle against lower and lower testosterone (the symptom of the universe, Black Sabbath plug!)  in the world rages on, but so do the very few who train like motheeffing animals. A short quick article to remind you to step your game up and get after it.

barbell grip motivation

Love Your Body by Girls Gone Strong-  This is a contribution article from the women of GGS. Each talk about what part of their body they love from all the work of training paying off.  “Train because you love your body, not because you hate it.” A model article for all girls to read. The cynicism about your body is not sexy, believe me.  A confident, strong woman who trains hard and loves her body is the most attractive thing a woman can do.

girls gone strong

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Breaking the Cycle of Mediocrity

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Let me paint you a picture.  A picture that is a microcosm for the perpetual mediocrity that follows the majority everyday.  Superficially, it’s just a symptom, albeit a minor one.  Yet, anyone well versed in medicine or any other field, understands that major problems start small.  Cancer starts with the smallest lump.  Economies begin to crash when unqualified mortgages are handed out for the first time.

Mediocrity’s etiology is no different.  Neither is a man born destined for greatness nor from birth relegated to the vast depths of mediocrity that consume the majority of humanity.

The greats are celebrated for a reason.  They are distinguished. They are a different breed but the root of their success wasn’t given to them through genetics nor were they divinely handed the secret to success.  They are not apart of the majority because they made the conscious, arduous decision to be different from their peers every single damn day of their lives.



What is the etiology of mediocrity you ask? What is the lump?  There are several but I want to highlight one significant problem that every day sets the tone for metastasis, an opportunity for mediocrity to penetrate and eventually dominate the mind of the athlete.

Every athlete since the beginning of time has been told the importance of a hearty breakfast (the scientific qualifications of such a recommendation are not relevant here).  And no, by hearty breakfast, I don’t mean the shit cereal that you were spoon fed in middle school.

Omelets.  Potatoes.  Fruit.  Steaks.   Fuel for your body.  Fuel that will optimize systems in your body to facilitate you becoming the best athlete you can possibly be.

Yet what happens to most athletes from high school to the professional ranks?

6:25 a.m. Snooze.

6:47 a.m. Snooze.

7:01 a.m. Oh f*** I have to be in class in ten minutes.  Let me grab a pop tart and a 100 calorie breakfast bar on the way out the door.

Eyewash.  You want to perpetuate mediocrity? Keep hitting that goddamn snooze button.  Hit it again and again and again and reinforce the fact you do not seek greatness.  Keep programming yourself to believe that you are destined for the vast depths of mediocrity.  Grab that pop tart, go to class, and be content with who and where you are.

Understand where I’m coming from.  It’s not about the content of your breakfast.  Some kids will have the purest intentions in the world but they just don’t know enough nutritionally to make good choices.  That’s ok.  Steaks don’t make you an all-American.  Commitment does.  Not just any commitment.  A relentless pursuit of greatness.

The snooze button…it lacks commitment.  It oozes of apathy.  It is a manifestation of a conscious decision to choose the easy road.

It’s not fun to wake up a half hour earlier than everyone else just to cook yourself breakfast.  But fun isn’t what breeds great.

Waking up early sucks.  I get it.  Get over it.  You think walking into a gym and seeing max reps of 85% of your 1 RM back squat on your card is a pleasurable experience?  Every cell in your body believes you can only get five but your whole team is crowded around your rack and they f****** expect you to get eight.  You think that’s fun?  To push yourself further physically and mentally than thought possible is not fun.  It’s akin to torture.  But it’s necessary if greatness is on your mind.


You better get up

So where does that leave our athlete that rolls out of bed at 7:01?  How does he fare when his team expects eight reps?  What happens when it’s the fourth quarter and he’s mentally and physically exhausted?

He fails.  When he’s expected to get eight reps, he gets three.  He failed the moment he hit the snooze button.  He failed the moment he acknowledged that he’d be better off with a good breakfast in the morning and slept through anyways.  He fails because little moments, little symptoms, slowly start to pervade his life and fuel a lifestyle of mediocrity.

You see everything matters.  There’s no on off switch when deciding to be great.  You don’t decide one day that you want to be great and then the next you can slack.  It doesn’t work that way.  There are no snooze buttons.  Waking up early is a given.

“When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breath, then you’ll be successful.”Eric Thomas

When greatness, not mediocrity, pervades your every decision then we’re onto something.  The etiology of greatness is not found in some profound revelation.  It isn’t found in a book or from some performance guru.  It’s forged between the ears.  It’s forged every time you wake up pissed off for greatness.  It grows every time your passion, not some goddamn alarm clock, wakes you up in the morning.  It manifests itself when you team expects eight, your body thinks it can only get five, but you earn every inch of ten fucking grueling painful reps.

If you haven’t already, what’s stopping you from saying yes.  Yes to overcoming every near impossible obstacle that stands between you and greatness.  With all things in life, it starts with a choice, a commitment.

Will you say yes today or hit the snooze button and sleep on it some more?  In the meantime, your legacy hangs in the balance.