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Jonny Gomes

Jonny Gomes

While getting ready for the week last night, I was looking through all my bookmarks of the motivational articles, videos, and quotes I stumbled across throughout the last few days.  I enjoy all different types of motivation or inspirational stories whether it be sports related or not, but for some reason a couple stories in particular kept coming back into my head.

The first two are baseball related. I know it’s a bit cliché, but there are so many great accounts of guys persevering through the minors to finally seize their unlikely dream in the big leagues. One of the best stories I’ve come across, I was fortunate to witness and see develop first hand…as seen below. The other is an E60 story on Jonny Gomes and his unlikely rise to the majors, fighting through traumatic events, and horrible odds to achieve the level of success he has to this day.

In the third article and video, brings us a really awesome story about a broke kid and his attempt to become a millionaire from scratch in two years. Really cool stuff.

Here we go. Let’s start this week off right!

This is a pic of Evan’s ID as a janitor, a job he carried only a couple years prior to making in to the MLB.

The Story of El Oso Blanco, Evan Gattis- I truly feel grateful to call Evan one of my good friends. I had the opportunity to spend the last couple years in my tenure with the Atlanta Braves getting to know Evan really well. Besides being a great talent, an extremely driven worker, and natural born thoroughbred of an athlete, Gattis is an old soul who has been through more in 25 years than most people hope to go through in a lifetime. Now that he has finally reached and succeeded in the big leagues, his story has become that of legends. Along with having a great swing, and a great story to go along with it, Evan is a class act, whom every kid out there should look up to.

Jonny Gomes : The Man Who Wouldn’t Die – In light of the Red Sox making it to the World Series, ESPN did a cool piece on one of their key additions this year, Jonny Gomes. As if surviving a terrible car crash that killed another human being wasn’t enough, Jonny suffered a heart attack that came so very close to taking his life again.

A Young Man’s Daring Journey to Become a Millionaire – With a burning desire to help his struggling mom retire, Corey Wadden set out on an outliers journey. Avoiding the safe and comfortable route, he set his earnings goal at $1,000,000, but starting from scratch. Check this out to see how he’s getting closer to making his dream come true through pure hustle.

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Franco arnold


Before we begin, check out this quote from the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

 “I did it because of something I’d seen in Franco (Columbo), which was his incredible willpower. I knew he could go all the way. I knew too that he was the training partner who could weather the ferocious workouts necessary in the coming year. It was important for me to be with Franco during a time when I wanted to adhere to a grueling workout schedule.”

That’s a really cool quote for me. I came across it the other day, and it inspired this article. It got me thinking of the gains in athleticism, strength, and power I’ve made over the past few years, and forced me to realize the importance that incredible training partners have had on my development. In one sentence I would say this.

“A great training partner can take a great program and make it superhuman.”

Yep. I just quoted myself, but I don’t care. I feel that strongly of a great training buddy’s impact on one’s progress in the gym.

I also don’t feel that a training partner is limited to just people who share the same program as you. In fact not one of the athlete’s that trained alongside me in Boston at CP shared the same program as I did. Each person brings an individual set of strengths and weaknesses to the table, therefore no program there is designed alike.

With that in mind, a “training partner” can be a coach, mentor, friend, family member, or even someone you don’t really care for, and probably would never go grab a beer with. That’s ok. They come in all shape’s and sizes, and here are the qualities that every great one possesses….

rocky training partner

1.) A great training partner hold’s his buddy accountable for effort and consistency.- Effort and consistency are certainly two of the biggest deterrents of training gains, and when working alone, it’s easy for many people to use their rational mind to negotiate around a tough ass workout, or showing up every day ready to crush it. It’s simply human nature for most individuals to avoid discomfort, good pain, and loads of sweat. An awesome training partner doesn’t care whether you hate him or her temporarily. He or she will push you to your breaking point, make sure you finish all your reps, all your sets, and take you beyond your comfort zone. If you can find someone around you who you feel is capable of this, bring them into the gym for a test run.

2.) A great training partner is probably stronger than you. If they aren’t, then they are usually just as strong. – This quality is something that I’ve noticed over and over. I’m no sociology major, but strong motherfuckers tend to gravitate and train with strong motherfuckers. The weak guys tend to workout together too. If you are weak, I recommend finding someone who trains hard, is strong, and does it the right way. By the right way I mean working their butt off, eating right, and living a diesel lifestyle. Find this person. Sack up and ask them for some training advice. Ask them who taught them to get strong and get the body they wanted. Just don’t ask them 2 seconds before they pull 600 off the floor. Have some feel…Maybe they can help you with a program or keep you accountable for showing up and getting after it like an animal.

3.) A great training partner isn’t a prima donna. This should go unsaid, but unfortunately it must be expressed. The last two months I’ve been training at a commercial gym, so I’ve gotten to see some of the umm how should I say this…”interesting” dynamics of not only what people do in the gym, but with whom and how they go about it. I give people a bunch of credit for showing up. If I was a teacher of gym101, that would be half the credit of my student’s grade. A great training companion encompasses the other half of the grade.  He or she trains and doesn’t simply “workout.” He or she pushes themselves and whoever they are with to the max. He or she isn’t afraid of heavy weights. He or she isn’t afraid of sweat, blood, and possibly regurgitation. Above all ,you and the person you train with have a responsibility. You owe it to each other to move weight around fast and hard, keep your head down and work without looking at your phone or socializing. Bottom line. Don’t be this guy….

skinny douche

In summary, take Arnold’s advice. Find that person this offseason with the willpower, commitment, and no bullshit workhorse mentality. Watch them, talk to them, train with them. It will take your training to levels you never thought possible.

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strength from within

Today’s motivation is all over the board and I love it. We have a couple well known fitness professionals who share their story of rising from the dark and finally living the life they envisioned.

We also have an article from our favorite women’s fitness site about taking  your thought’s of dismay, disrespect, and disgust when it comes to your body, and turning those thoughts into love, appreciation, and amazement of what your body is capable of.

Without further ado, here is some inspiration to start your week…

How Extreme Focus Can Change Your Life by JC Deen-  JC is a no-nonsense guy. That’s why we like people like him so much. He is very good at understanding what makes people tick, and using those tools to better his clients. I think he gets that, because for a long time he struggled to live a fulfilled life. A life of meaning. This article over at is in a nutshell, his life story, and how JC created through focused effort, a rewarding existence. Excellent Mr. Deen.

Moving North of the Vag by Jim Wendler– A effing fantastic title from a badass strength coach. This may be an issue that never gets resolved, but if people keep being soft, badasses like Jim are gonna keep showing up. The uphill battle against lower and lower testosterone (the symptom of the universe, Black Sabbath plug!)  in the world rages on, but so do the very few who train like motheeffing animals. A short quick article to remind you to step your game up and get after it.

barbell grip motivation

Love Your Body by Girls Gone Strong-  This is a contribution article from the women of GGS. Each talk about what part of their body they love from all the work of training paying off.  “Train because you love your body, not because you hate it.” A model article for all girls to read. The cynicism about your body is not sexy, believe me.  A confident, strong woman who trains hard and loves her body is the most attractive thing a woman can do.

girls gone strong

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badass in a hoodie

You won’t find any bullshit in our motivational series. We will not necessarily publish the most popular articles or the videos with the highest views to entertain everyone. What ShowMeStrength is striving for when bringing our readers inspiration are stories, articles, videos, and real life accounts of real people and real athletes who truly grind, truly overcome, and truly preserve through tougher events than you or I could ever dream of.

We want to show you not the most popular, but the most genuine people on the internet. Trusted names in the fitness, sports, and/or any industry that will help you lead an incredible life. Here are some reads to get you rollin this week..

“I make my training so hard that its impossible that the fight will be harder than my training.” Georges St. Pierre.

What Is Hardcore? by Brendon Doherty-  A great article from a cancer survivor who took his cancer diagnosis by the balls and fought harder than I thought possible. Treatments weren’t enough as you can see. He overhauled his diet and training to put cancer at a literal disadvantage in his body. Very powerful stuff.

Are You Tough? by Chris Shugart- Self-entitlement over any problem we have in this world today is the most disturbing. Kids everywhere are growing up without ever knowing what an honest days work means, never understanding what true pain is, and going into the real world without any hardcore setbacks. This article by Chris can help you all right the wrong that’s happening in our society.

Pain Don’t Hurt by Craig Weller- Craig, whether he knows it or not, is one of my favorite guys to get information from in regards to training, health, metal toughness, and lifestyle design. A former special operations warrior, he now is a coach for Scrawny to Brawny which helps guys clean up their life and become alpha males basically. He also is a coach at BarefootFts, a team of coaches geared toward training with the bare essentials with training programs designed to get back to the basics of our existence. Craig is a tough motherfucker, trust me.

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lazy athlete

“The enemy of the best is the good. If you’re always settling with the good, you’ll never be the best.” Jerry Rice

Ok. So you played a ton of games this season. That’s cool. You’re mentally and physically spent. I get it. You are probably even a bit banged up and maybe even injured. Alrighty then..

So what? These are simply truths for the athlete that lays it all out on the line, shows up everyday ready to play, hurt or not. It is a truth for the player every baseball manager drools to have 9 of out on the field.

I personally love to observe how these guys get the job done and how they go about their business on and off the field. Many times they are they guy that’s been looked past their entire career. It’s seemingly always the guy who doesn’t have many physical tools or smooth natural ability. It’s the little things they do right. The things that are simply a choice to be good at or not.

What keeps guys like this in the game for so long is their ability to turn off the pain switch, turn off the tired switch and just grind out whatever it takes to be ready every night…for every damn game.  It’s truly a pleasure to watch the wheels turn inside these players’ heads. I can see the pain inside their eyes, but they will never dare express it. I know for certain it will take a mack truck running over them to see their name on the disabled list.

As I’ve played long seasons, and had the honor to call men like this my teammate, I’ve also seen a correlation in how they approach their offseason compared with the season.

The player who is a true grinder finishes out the season broken, beaten up, and sometimes a bit injured, but healthy in the eyes of his team. He has shown up and used whatever fuel he had to give on that particular day. He will be dying inside for the offseason to come, but NOT to rest and put his feet up on the couch. Rather, he see’s this time as an immediate opportunity to get to work on becoming healthy through proper training.

The work never ends for guys like this. It only changes. It takes a different form. The grinder never stops hustling.

On the flipside, far to many players have only thin skin. A ball off the foot, and they are out for 2 weeks. A broken fingernail, and they can’t swing a bat. A few rough outings, and all of a sudden their shoulder hurts out of the blue. And then when it comes time for the offseason, they feel the need to take a month off.

For these players, the work never began in the first place. They are just soft, simply put. Soft in season, soft offseason. Simple as that.

The grinder has a plan for his offseason before it even begins. He can’t wait to get to work, and fix the things that wore him out during the season. The things that wore him out, but didn’t kill him. I absolutely love having conversations with these players, because they already are looking forward to going out the following spring and kicking ass and showcasing the countless hours of work they put in during the winter. They have a plan. An aggressive one.

The softie wants to take off because they think doing nothing will “heal them.” They want to party and vacation for awhile. For them, awhile turns into a month, two months. By then the grinder has already logged some serious work. He hasn’t yet hit full throttle, but he has healed through smart training, eating, and resting properly. Let me tell you something…..Let this stick with you….

As soon as you put on a jersey, the people who make decisions are already looking for your replacement. They are figuring out who’s going to fill your shoes when you don’t quite cut it.

Are you going to be the player who finishes his season and stays content with resting for a couple months once its over? Or are you going to take the lesson of the grinder? As soon as that hourglass turns over, and your offseason begins, you best have a plan, a direction, and you better get moving sooner than you think you should. Here are 2 things to remember as you begin the grind this winter.

1. Your idea of rest is overrated- Taking completely off with no training activity isn’t resting, its only being lazy. Take the first month to get some of your mobility back, gain some strength and get back into working shape. Construct an awesome diet to optimize your hormones. Get on a regular sleep schedule, and do your resting once you get out of the gym feeling refreshed and one step closer to the guy you want to be in the spring.

2. You aren’t working as hard as you think. If you start training smart early in the offseason, you will be amazed at the things you will be capable of around January. If you let these precious first month to months go by because you are “resting”, you’ll never find out what real progress feels like.

So, get on it. Someone out there is working hard while you are horsing around, resting…….resting for what? Remember they are looking for your replacement. Don’t let it happen. Get to work.

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Show Me Strength is dedicated to delivering you the best of the best.  Our goal through our writing, whether it concerns training, nutrition, or even anecdotal stories about life, is to hand you the tools and information to better yourself a little day by day.   After all, Ray Lewis said greatness is just a lot of small things done well, stacked on top of each other.

This is our first installment of reads of the week (yes, we’re continuing our motivational reads as well).  Each week we will pick three or so posts that we feel really add value to the conversation and further our journey to greatness (our “winners” more or less).  These will be supplemented by three other posts that we feel our deserving of our recognition as well.

There is always value in the written word.  Take something from each of these posts.  It doesn’t have to be monumental or life changing but there are lessons to be learned nonetheless.  Even if the context of the article doesn’t interest you, the author may be making a subtle point about the bigger picture.  Without further ado, here are our inaugural Show Me Strength’s Path to Greatness Reads of the Week.

Winners of the Week

Cutting Crossfit a Break by Tony Gentilcore:

I’ve often heard it said that nothing in life is ever as good or as a bad as we think.  From a baseball perspective I can relate, as you weren’t nearly as good or bad as you thought on any given night.  Crossfit is no different.  It’s not black and white and with the good also comes the bad.  So often in the fitness industry, writers like to play the part of Internet troll and take shots at Crossfit without offering up anything constructive.   It’s not to say that these criticisms don’t have merit, but if you’re not bringing value to the conversation why start it in the first place?   Crossfit actually does have a lot of good things going for it and Tony does a good job exposing these positive attributes while offering up areas where Crossfit can take the next step and improve it’s model.  Crossfit isn’t going anywhere so instead of trying to tear it down, let’s acknowledge the positives and offer suggestions for continual improvement as it becomes more and more Americans first gym of choice.


Is Clean Eating a Scam? Cleat Eating vs. IIFYM by JC Deen

Want to know the keys to a best selling diet book: butcher science, fudge data, and make it as extreme as possible.  Sexy sells, science doesn’t.  I’ve always said that a monkey could teach someone how to lose weight, eat a little less and move a little more.  When you break it down, it’s really that simple.  Unfortunately, money talks so born are these extreme diet methodologies and the zealots that come with them.  Now, that’s not to say that there are not beneficial aspects of paleo or low carb strategies as I think it’s best to implement bits and bits to fit your needs.  JC Deen does a good job exposing the ambiguity of “clean eating” while showing you the path to navigate the many dieting methodologies out there to find the right one for you.

Teaching a Kid to Lift by Chris Colucci

I wish I had someone with me to train with when I was growing up.  I always joke around with my younger brother that I “built” him because he didn’t make the same training mistakes as I did, in which I made many.  I’ve always been one to work hard, but I can’t say that early on I ever worked smart.  I’m better for it now as I learned immensely through the trial and error that is going through the fire.    Most kids in the entitlement generation are given access to the best coaches money can buy and lost in the fold is the most important part: learning to grind and work hard.  They never learn how to grow up because they never were forced to go through the fire and learn.  If you have the opportunity to train younger athletes, honor this opportunity.  As Chris says, it’s a privilege and an opportunity to foster a relationship that your athlete may have with the iron for the next 50 years.  Cherish it.


Exit Sandman: Baseball Bids Adieu to Mariano Rivera

A model of grace and consistency, Mariano is a living legend whose presence will be sorely missed.  He did it the right way and is someone we all can aspire to be like, baseball players or not.

Honorable Mention:

Hacking Sleep: Engineering a High Quality, Restful Night by Brian St. Pierre:

Sleep more and thank me later.  ‘Nough said.


Dear College Students by Jason Ferruggia:

Whether you’re an athlete, aspiring bodybuilder, or even a weekend warrior, learn to strike a balance in life.  Work hard but make sure you leave time to have some fun.  I’ve always found that I play better when I care less (or stop being so fixated on playing well).  It’s an incredibly frustrating thing to experience, but if you learn to be loose and have some fun, you’ll find life to be that much more enjoyable and your training will see similar improvements.

Beast Reality: Shitty Days by Erik Eggers

Show up everyday.  Show up when it’s the last thing you want to do in the world.  Be accountable to yourself and everyone else who depends on you.  These aren’t just power lifting lessons, they’re lessons in life.

You need surgery.

Those are the three words that every athlete prays they never hear.  Aside from the onset of depression that ensues from being on the DL,  for most, facing surgery forces deep introspection.  It goes far beyond whether or not you’ll be able to play in the near future.  Instead, it forces the athlete to ask what if?  What if worked a little harder could this have been avoided?  If I didn’t half-ass my mobility drills every day could I have made that cut more efficiently?  Or if I fueled my body like an athlete should would I have had more energy in the 4th quarter when I got hurt?  This thought process can consume you because there is no game tomorrow or next week to rectify the situation.  It’s natural for athletes because when you’re injured that’s all you’re left to do…or is it?


Surgery and injuries suck.  Clearly.  I’ve had my fair share (three) and I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed any part of rehabbing.  However, at the same time, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have to go through surgery and the grind that it takes to get back (I didn’t pitch in a meaningful game post Tommy John for 20 months). I had my moments of introspection and it forced me to grow up in a hurry.  My training and nutrition up to that point had been fueled by my learning in bro science.  Daily max effort squats?  Sure thing.  Pizza, post workout?  I was carb back loading before I could spell insulin.  I was forced to educate myself but the most important lesson didn’t involve discovering what loading parameter would have the greatest carry over to generating force in the sagittal plane or what nutrient timing would maximize protein synthesis.  No, not even close.  It was this:

No matter the circumstances, there is always an opportunity to get better. 

Time never stops so why should your injury stop you in your pursuit of getting a little bit better that day?  If you don’t, there are far too many individuals in the world with the same exact goals and dreams as you and you will get passed.  I promise you.

So you have a torn elbow?  What’s stopping you from building thunderous quads and an ass that makes a statement?  Sure, you may not be able to comfortably buy a pair of jeans but do you want to squat the house or what?  Broken leg?  Since when do you need a leg to build slabs of beef on your lats?

The answer is you don’t.  Right now, I may sound like a lunatic or a person that would consider training even on my deathbed and both of these statements may have some truth to them but I speak from experience because I lived the two situations above.  I may have pushed the limits, but I’ve never front squatted more in my life than during the first six months of my elbow rehab.  My best 1 RM on chin-ups was 5 months post-surgery.

Was that the smartest thing?  Probably not but that’s not what’s relevant here.  The point is that nothing, not even a surgery or injury should deter you from getting after it and chasing your goals.  Obviously, there are special circumstances, but I have seen an athlete hobbling around 10 days post-ACL repair destroying his upper body, so there aren’t many.

You have no excuse.  If you want it bad enough, you will find a way.  It’s that simple.


I was fortunate enough to have Eric Cressey and the team at Cressey Performance in my backyard.  I showed up to his facility 10 days post-op and we immediately started to get after it.  I met the prowler for the first time and it won.  It won a lot.

It’s important that you find your own Eric Cressey.  Find someone in your area who can address your weaknesses through intelligent programming.  If you’re injured, it’s probably because you have some compensation patterns that put you in that position.  Find someone who has a firm understanding of functional anatomy who can train around your injury and still address your weaknesses.  Find a balance.  If I had to do corrective exercise drills all day, I’d go insane.  Lifting heavy shit is corrective exercise.  Learn how to get after it in an intelligent manner.


Whether it’s surgery or just a minor injury, trust me when I say that if you play any game long enough, you will get banged up.  There are two roads you can take.  Either you can be like some athletes and use your injury as an excuse to take time off from training or you can use it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to honestly asset your weaknesses and fix them.  If your nutrition held you back, correct it.  If you’re weak and your nervous system efficiency is terrible, find someone who you can consider an expert in the field and become powerful.

Some people will tell you that their goal rehabbing post surgery is to get you back to the level you were before.  F*** that.  My goal in any situation, torn elbow or not, is to come back better than before.  If you want to be successful, you have no choice but to chase that.

It’s ultimately your career.  Whether your goal is simply to start on your varsity team or play sports professionally, every day, every situation is an opportunity.  You will encounter adversity.  How you respond will dictate how far you go in your chosen sport and in life.

Which road will you take?

david goggins stop when im done

 “If you don’t achieve and let people keep you down, you will stay down. Not me… I choose to get back up. I choose to look the unwanted in the face. I choose to go after the unwanted with a smile. I choose to suffer. And from suffering I grow.” David Goggins

Get Back Up by David Goggins- Considered by many as the toughest athlete in the world, David Goggins, is not only a Navy Seal, but an ultra marathon runner as well. I’m going to link a video, Wikipedia on his story, and a link to his old blog so all of you can get the full picture. He is the epitome of a human being truly in search of limits, constantly reminding us all that we don’t have them. The only ones we have are the ones we place on ourselves. While I would not condone his training for those competing in a specific sport, his toughness capacity and his pain threshold are something to be admired by anyone looking to push through obstacles that life throws our way.

David Goggins Wikipedia

David Goggins Blog


Do You Believe In Lindy? By Adam Borstein- Why do I train so hard? Because I can. Let those words echo in your head. Those of us who are lucky enough to be physically capable of pushing our body through anything should see training in a different light after reading this article by Adam. When I read this awhile back, a new outlook was born. I always train hard, but I didn’t truly appreciate the opportunity to train hard each and everyday. When I see people taking it easy in their training, holding back in pursuit of goals, or being soft and whiny, it strikes something deep inside that really pisses me off. I think of Lindy sometimes or others who would give everything they had to be capable of training their asses off. Sometimes it even brings tears of anger and sadness that people take their health and strength for granted. Please read this article and share it so that you never become someone like that. The pain and suffering of working hard and training hard is a gift….remember that

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Writing Your Life’s Script: How Great People Plan Their Life By Chad Howse If you’re ok with being mediocre at everything in your life, don’t read this article, don’t read our blog, and carry on. IF, however, you are in pursuit of something greater, something meaningful, and something legendary, this is the place for you. Chad lays it out for you short and sweet. Everything amazing that was ever created, designed, written, invented, or achieved have come from great people with great plans. Rich people rarely get rich by accident, successful people never become awesome by chance. It takes intense commitment, unwavering self belief, and diligent planning. This fantastic post by Chad should help get the wheels turning.

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I’m leaving you with a quote from my strength coach, Eric Cressey.

“Nothing screams “I want to be mediocre in all that I do in life” more than when an athlete tells me he had a bagel for breakfast.”


Now is the time of the year where people begin to fade from their New Year’s’ Resolutions, if they haven’t slipped already. I heard someone at the crowded gym in the first week of January say, “I can’t wait until all of these people fall off of their resolutions so I can get my gym space back.” Sadly, it’s pretty true but hopefully, all of you faithful Show Me Strength readers have been able to draw inspiration from our posts thus far and have stayed true to yourselves and new goals for the year. In case you feel yourself slipping, or need a kick in the butt as a reminder that it’s never to late to get back in gear, we are sure these reads and video will pick you up and keep you going strong!

David Goggins: The Toughest Athlete on the Planet?

“He’s in bed no earlier than midnight most nights. Don’t bother re-reading to check your math: It really does add up to only three hours of sleep a night. When people ask if he uses supplements to help him train, he says that he takes a giant suck-it-up pill every morning and washes it down with a refreshing can of hard. This isn’t boasting. It’s military-speak for the hardest part of Goggins’ daily regimen: getting out of bed.”

This is honestly one of the most badass articles that either Chad and I have ever read. If this doesn’t get you fired up for greatness, you should check your pulse!  This guy is the real deal, as I’ve heard from a couple of my friends, one who had him as his Navy Seal instructor during an Olympic Rowing training day, and another Air Force Para-rescue friend who heard him speak. And if that is not enough to convince you, the author of one of the most inspiring books we’ve ever read, Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 tweeted this just last week:

Make sure to check out David’s blog as well: Show No Weakness .

You Have To Workout To Get A Workout

On the topic of New Year’s Resolutions, this article could not be more on point with a little, or maybe a lot, of tough love some people need to hear. I’m proud to say that my girlfriend found this article, loved it, and passed it on to me.  It’s now my gift to you. Disclaimer: There is some colorful, yet necessary, language.

“Breaking news, friend: you are not the boss. If truth be told, you are the exact opposite of the boss. You are the servant. You serve the needs of your body. You don’t tell your body to be hardcore. Your body tells you what it needs in order to be hardcore. It needs workouts. Long, hard, painful workouts—for weeks, and months, and years. Purposeful, planned, powerful workouts, that are structured to place your body under the proper amounts of stress in order to achieve the desired adaptations.”


And finally, here is a good reminder we all need that has been floating around the web recently. The language is quite different that the previous two articles, but the message still remains! Great message to get up, get moving, and get better!

“This is life people. You got air coming through your nose. You got heartbeat.  That means it’s time to do something!”

spacejam“What if Michael Jordan had quit when he didn’t make the team? There would be no SpaceJam! And I love SpaceJam. What will be your SpaceJam? What will you create to make the world awesome? Nothing if you keep sitting there that’s why I’m talking to you today!”

“Don’t Stop Believin’, unless your dream is stupid. And then you need a better dream.”

“What if there really were two paths? I want to be on the one that leads to awesome!”

“Give the world a reason to dance! Get to it!”

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never stop learning

These reads of the week come from a selection of the gurus from whom we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to personally learn from. Their continued contributions to their respective areas is no accident and inspirational to us; they continually challenge themselves to learn more and evolve as scientific progress dictates, even though they already practice on the edge of discovery. Please take a minute to catch up on some of their contributions!

1) Developing Young Athletes by Mike Robertson– Once again, Mike frames this tremendous discussion through his life experiences as a young athlete himself, a father to a young daughter, and a strength coach of many young athletes.

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2) Shoulder Adaptations Over the Course of a Baseball Season by Chris Beardsley and posted by Mike Reinold– In this detailed research review, Chris thoroughly covers the whole host of issues which manifest in the throwers arm over the course of a season. These are the major reasons why we care so much about proper training and preventative care! Mike, the Boston Red Sox Head Physical Therapist for years, also shares his insights on the review.

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3) Should Baseball Players Bench Press? by Tony Gentilcore– This is an article we are so thankful was written in such detail! Just this week, I was asked by one of the athletes I coach, why we don’t do bench press for 45 minutes like his football playing high school friends. Well, this post by Tony could not have come at a better time and I know I will be referring people directly to this article often!

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4) Invincible Immunity by Eric Cressey– A post from 2009 that we were recently reminded of and is very fitting considering the high impact that the flu is expected to have this season (as long as the world doesn’t end first!). A well researched and presented reminder of things you can do to get healthy and stay healthy!

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Check out our posts from this week including the Monday Motivational Reads, a post from Chad about Throwing Progressions from the Ground up and Matt’s surprising review of why you might not want to use a weighted bat in the on-deck circle after all.

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