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 “If you don’t achieve and let people keep you down, you will stay down. Not me… I choose to get back up. I choose to look the unwanted in the face. I choose to go after the unwanted with a smile. I choose to suffer. And from suffering I grow.” David Goggins

Get Back Up by David Goggins- Considered by many as the toughest athlete in the world, David Goggins, is not only a Navy Seal, but an ultra marathon runner as well. I’m going to link a video, Wikipedia on his story, and a link to his old blog so all of you can get the full picture. He is the epitome of a human being truly in search of limits, constantly reminding us all that we don’t have them. The only ones we have are the ones we place on ourselves. While I would not condone his training for those competing in a specific sport, his toughness capacity and his pain threshold are something to be admired by anyone looking to push through obstacles that life throws our way.

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Do You Believe In Lindy? By Adam Borstein- Why do I train so hard? Because I can. Let those words echo in your head. Those of us who are lucky enough to be physically capable of pushing our body through anything should see training in a different light after reading this article by Adam. When I read this awhile back, a new outlook was born. I always train hard, but I didn’t truly appreciate the opportunity to train hard each and everyday. When I see people taking it easy in their training, holding back in pursuit of goals, or being soft and whiny, it strikes something deep inside that really pisses me off. I think of Lindy sometimes or others who would give everything they had to be capable of training their asses off. Sometimes it even brings tears of anger and sadness that people take their health and strength for granted. Please read this article and share it so that you never become someone like that. The pain and suffering of working hard and training hard is a gift….remember that

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Writing Your Life’s Script: How Great People Plan Their Life By Chad Howse If you’re ok with being mediocre at everything in your life, don’t read this article, don’t read our blog, and carry on. IF, however, you are in pursuit of something greater, something meaningful, and something legendary, this is the place for you. Chad lays it out for you short and sweet. Everything amazing that was ever created, designed, written, invented, or achieved have come from great people with great plans. Rich people rarely get rich by accident, successful people never become awesome by chance. It takes intense commitment, unwavering self belief, and diligent planning. This fantastic post by Chad should help get the wheels turning.

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I’m leaving you with a quote from my strength coach, Eric Cressey.

“Nothing screams “I want to be mediocre in all that I do in life” more than when an athlete tells me he had a bagel for breakfast.”