About Show-Me Strength

Why “Show Me Strength”?

Show Me Strength derives its name from the state motto of Missouri- the “Show Me State.”  According to the most common explanation, Missouri gained this nickname in 1899 when US Congressmen Willard Duncan Vandiver questioned the accuracy of colleague’s statement saying, “I come from a country that raises corn and cotton, cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I’m from Missouri, and you have got to show me.”  In this fashion, Show Me Strength strives to “show you”, in no uncertain terms, a first-hand perspective of what it takes to train and prepare like a professional, demonstrating how to take your game to the next level.

Atlanta Braves Organization- Rome Braves, Rome GA- 2010

About Matt

A 4 year member of the Harvard Crimson baseball team as a catcher and first baseman, Matt Kramer graduated with a degree in Biology in June of 2008 and went on to sign a professional contract with the Atlanta Braves organization where he played for 3 summers between the Rookie and A-Levels.  He was then signed in February of 2011 by the Boston Red Sox organization as a pitcher where he spent his first season converting from catcher to pitcher in Ft. Myers, FL.

Matt is no stranger to how proper strength training and nutrition can improve and positively impact one’s performance on the field. Strength gains have been a key component of his development and progression through the ranks as a baseball player from a lanky 185 pounds as a senior in high school to 240 pounds as a professional with increased mobility, flexibility and efficiency.  It was not until 2009 at Cressey Performance where he saw his best gains, realizing how misguided some of his prior approaches to strength training and nutrition had been.

Since 2009, Matt has spent his off-seasons training at Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA under the coaching of renowned strength coach Eric Cressey as well as Tony Gentilcore, strength coach/nutritionist Brian St. Pierre and Chris Howard. In addition to his training at Cressey Performance, Matt interned as a strength coach in 2010, working with a wide variety of athletes from the middle school to professional levels as well as general adult strength enthusiasts.  Matt is a student of the ever-changing strength industry with a desire to combine tried and true strength training models with up-to-date nutrition, strength, and corrective exercise methods for optimal gains in athletic performance.

Currently, Matt is working at the newly opened Mass General Orthopaedics Sports Performance Center, leading the development of  baseball research as well as a the baseball strength and development program.  He will begin medical school starting in the Fall of 2013.

To contact Matt, please email showmestrength@gmail.com

Boston Red Sox Organization- Spring Training, Ft. Myers, FL- 2011

About Chad

Chad Rodgers was a member of the Atlanta Braves from 2006-2012 after being drafted in the 3rd round of the 2006 MLB draft out of Walsh Jesuit High School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. From 2006-2008 Chad was ranked by Baseball America as a Top 25 prospect , reaching as high as 16th in the Braves organization. Currently a free agent, Chad is training for the 2013 season with strength coach Eric Cressey, owner of Cressey Peformance in Hudson, Massachusetts. Chad has trained there for 4 years, pursuing his dream of becoming a Major League baseball player, while also learning from the brightest minds in the strength and conditioning world.

Chad Rodgers pitching for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, class High-A for the Atlanta Braves in 2010

When Chad isn’t training, he is both a pitching instructor and strength coach for Northeast Baseball, a prominent youth baseball program in New England. Chad has a tremendous passion for getting stronger, faster, and healthier as an athlete. He has learned through his experiences in various training environments, and truly enjoys imparting his knowledge of baseball, training, and nutrition to younger athletes looking to make serious progress in their development.


Northeast Baseball Strength and Conditioning Class with Coach Chad Rodgers

To contact Chad, please email cmrodgers100@gmail.com

About Andrew

Andrew Ferreira was a three year member and team captain of the Harvard baseball team from 2010-2012.  He concentrated in Human Evolutionary Biology and joined the “illustrious” ranks of Harvard drop outs when he choose to pursue his dream and sign with the Minnesota Twins after being drafted in June of 2012.

Andrew likes to consider himself an “intelligent meathead,” who enjoys devouring literature on nutrition and strength and conditioning while putting theory to practice both in the kitchen and in the weight room.  It was through his various stints at Cressey Performance where he learned the difference between training and working out and it is a mantra he carries with him everywhere.