Show Me Strength Reads of the Week (The Government Lockout Edition)

Posted: October 5, 2013 by aferreira in Reads of the Week
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I hope you’re not disappointed when you find that there are absolutely ZERO references or articles to the government lockout in this article.  It’s been discussed ad nauseum already and whether or not there’s a federal government will make zero impact on my training session tonight so I’m over it.

Just kidding, it’s important, but I still don’t know whether liberals find themselves on the political left or right and I went to the most liberal institution in the world so clearly you know where my priorities are.  Yes, I realize that my parent’s heads are buried in shame as we speak.

Without further ado, I’ll end my dismal political commentary and deliver the Show Me Strength Reads of the Week:

21 Reasons Why A Great Body Just Isn’t For You by Chad Howse:

This article very well could have been titled: 21 Reasons Why You Aren’t Successful.  Many of the excellent points Chad offers can be extrapolated to success in life.

You don’t take action.  You compare yourself to others.  You feel you don’t deserve it.  You’re afraid to work.

So often we hold ourselves back with our own destructive behavior or thinking.  Becoming cognizant of them, which Chad does, allows us a clearer vision in the pursuit of whatever we want out of life.

Stop Jerking Your Deadlift by Dean Somerset:

I know I’m especially prone to this bad habit.  If I can get it off the floor, I can usually complete the lift so at times I try and generate a stretch reflex before pulling.  No bueno.  As Dean eloquently dissects, this not only hurts force production (negatively affects our ability to create stability to pull heavy ass weight!) but can lead to greater potential for injuries.  It doesn’t matter if you pull a monster weight off the floor if you blow out a disc in the process.

The Myth of Female Specific Training by Tony Gentilcore:

Tony is hitting a cool crisp 1000 in making our reads of the week series and for good reason.  Female specific training is garbage. Put down the pink dumbbells.  Learn to squat and hip thrust and start cleaning up your diet and you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.  This myth has already been destroyed a zillion times but it’s worth repeating one last time: YOU WON’T GET BULKY.  Check out a group like Girls Gone Strong if you don’t believe me.


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