It’s Time For A Revolution

Posted: September 17, 2013 by aferreira in General
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The world is soft.  Soft I tell you and the stories of the pussification of America are unfortunately commonplace in today’s age.  My generation is one of entitlement.  Hard work?  Please, my generation is terrified of a little sweat and blood.  Trust me, bragging about how hard you work on Twitter and Facebook doesn’t constitute grinding. Don’t tell me about how hard you work.  Show me.


Be honest with me for a second.  Do you work out or train?  Is your cell phone attached to your hip in between sets?  No, I’m not asking if you listen to music while you train.  I’m asking if you’re finding out all about your girlfriend’s day in between sets of bench because every day is chest day right bro?

I’ll fill you in on a little secret: most people work out.  Just as most people are soft, most people have no conception of what training means.  There’s a mindset that accompanies those who train.  These individuals don’t have time to bullshit with their buddies in between sets because they have tunnel vision.  All they see is the iron and an indomitable will to conquer.  Because you see, the iron, like life, doesn’t give a shit about you.  It’s apathetic to whatever is going on, good or bad.  Feeling good that day? Well, you better bring it because the iron will staple you if you don’t.  Is the world around you crumbling?  Forget about it because in that moment where it’s you against the bar, all the worries in the world dissipate.  Few things in the world are black and white but whether you embrace the struggle and overcome the iron that day is very clear-cut.

The iron is my metaphor.  It is the lens through which I see my life.  I acknowledge that I cannot defeat the iron or succeed in life without grinding.  No, not grinding in the empty meaningless way that most kids these days throw it around.  Grinding to me means selling your soul for something that you want.  It means leaving no stone unturned in the journey to accomplishing whatever goal inspires you to get up in the morning.  The iron is black and white.  It simplifies my vision.  Hard work may not give you everything in life but I know no other way to the top.


My name is Andrew Ferreira and this is my introductory post to Show Me Strength. I will write for the 1%.  The 1% in this generation who acknowledge that nothing worthwhile is just handed to you in life.  The 1% who train.  The 1% who want to be successful as badly as they want to breathe.  I have no time for the other 99%.  The other 99% who may feel entitlement because they got drafted or earned a college scholarship.  I was an athlete at Harvard and that means absolutely nothing.  You want to find soft, entitled athletes?  Walk those halls.  Show Me Strength will not be a place for the 99%.

My hope is to transform Show Me Strength into the elite nutrition and training resource for those athletes and individuals who embrace the struggle and live by the grind.  Whether you want to gain 10 lbs of muscle by next season or double your testosterone levels, we are your resource.  The 1% is the place for the elite and Show Me Strength is where you will be able to find no nonsense, no bullshit strategies to become the best you can become.

Full disclosure:  if you want easy or you’re looking for the new magic pill in supplements, leave and never come back because we’re not about shortcuts. If you are willing to lead a revolution against the entitlement generation, welcome, you are home.  There is no place for soft individuals on Show Me Strength.  Learn to embrace the grind and we will take you to the promised land.



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