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Posted: March 9, 2013 by showmestrength in General



Ok, now that you avoided missing your plans today by an hour, or rushed yourself to where you need to be, here our our reads of the week. Here at Show Me Strength, we hope to help you on your quest to learn and evolve…to create your UNSTOPPABLE self.

What a Decade-Long Education in Health, Exercise, and Sports Nutrition Teaches You by Ryan Zielonka

Ryan’s post brings up a lot of great points in the study of health, exercise and sports nutrition. You’ll find that he is able to cut through some of the fallacies involved in this area of study. He presents some of the key points he’s picked up as he has sifted through the errors in the pursuit of real, useful knowledge!

The Ten Rules of Progressive Overload by Bret Contreras

Once again, Bret does a great job of clearly demonstrating the science behind a common but often misinterpreted training philosophy. In his 10 rules, he explains the theory behind progressive overload, how to employ it for your benefit in the weight room. You might be surprised to see some of the ways to progressively overload your body for strength devlopment which you had not considered before…we did!

Engineering The Perfect Sleep: 10 Steps to Follow Tonight by Craig Weller

If you are up reading this right now, you probably need to read this right away! Or if you ever wished for more efficient, restful sleep, here are some great tips to follow.

20 Ways to Prepare Young Athletes for Success in Sports and in Life by Eric Cressey

Finally, another long but tremendous read. Eric is around enough youth athletes to come up with some great suggestions for parents, coaches, and even for the youth athletes themselves to think about when preparing for sports and more importantly for life outside of sports.

“We have to remember that at the end of the day, less than 1% of the kids who participate in youth sports will become professional athletes. However, sports are still an outstanding medium through which to instill a variety of favorable qualities beyond just athleticism. To that end, I hope that some of the suggestions here will help to make kids not only better athletes, but better people, too.”

And a bonus VIEW of the week courtesy of strength coach Dave Rak!

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