Monday Motivational Reads!

Posted: February 25, 2013 by cmrodgers100 in General

Terry fox

“Maybe that’s why I’ve made it as far as I have – 2,521 miles. If I ran to a doctor every time I got a little cyst or abrasion I’d still be in Nova Scotia. Or else I’d never have started. I’ve seen people in so much pain. The little bit of pain I’m going through is nothing. They can’t shut it off, and I can’t shut down every time I feel a little sore.”

Terry Fox

Warrior Inspiration: Terry Fox via Warrior Thinking– As you know, Matt and I here at Show Me Strength are all about finding ways to inspire those of you who enjoy reading our work. We are grateful for our followers and the feedback you all give us. We believe motivation can come in a million different forms, but few are are as inspiring as common people in life and death struggles, who find a way to persevere through the hardships to make a lasting difference. Although in this example, Terry eventually succumbed to cancer, it wasn’t before he made it his mission to raise millions for research by running a marathon everyday until he made it all the way across the entire length of Canada.


Not Dead Cant Quit- No limit thinking with Navy Seal Veteran, Richard Machowicz via– Talk about making a difference, “Mack,” creator of Not Dead Cant Quit (NDCQ), 10 year veteran of the Navy Seals, and author of one of our favorite reads, Unleash The Warrior Within, has made it his mission to help people break their own self doubt, and achieve their dreams with a will to overcome all the obstacles in the way. This article is a fantastic read, and a wonderful example of what it takes to live life like a warrior.

unleash the warrior within

48 Gems of Bruce Lee Wisdom- I’m sure most of you know of the Dragon’s on screen presence in several hollywood films, but before that, Bruce overcame many obstacles to make it to the US, reach unprecedented heights in the martial arts, and break into the film industry at such a young age. Also a hearalded phiosopher, Bruce Lee had an infinite number of inspirational quotes and stories that have endured time and transcended cultures.

Bruce Lee

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