Show Me Strength’s Reads Of The Week (Ladies Edition!)

Posted: January 13, 2013 by cmrodgers100 in General

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Well the end of the week should mark something. I believe it should mark a pretty significant change in each of our lives. Instead of going through the motions just praying to make it to the weekend, shouldn’t we be living the life we dream of having? If we aren’t doing that quite yet, don’t you believe we could be actively working toward  and not away from the health, career, relationships, and life that we want? It’s just some food for thought. I hope I didn’t depress anyone. We all have work to do, and I hope each of your weeks were brilliantly productive.

In this edition of best reads, we have a few true pros in the female fitness world. Check out their awesome content, ladies!

1.) 3 Steps To Getting Your Girl To Train By Joy Victoria- This post will most definitely be one that changes some lives out there. Although all of us, women included, know the benefits of weight training are surely positive, females often have to overcome some different challenges in the weight room both physically and socially to adapt. Joy does an absolutely incredible job of showing guys how to make the transition for girls into the world of strength a more easier and fun experience. Great read for everyone works or wants to work with the female population.

Check out Joy here

2.) Everything (And Nothing) In Moderation by Neghar Fonooni- If every girl in the world would take Neghar’s training, nutrition, and lifestyle advice to heart, the world would be a sexier, fitter, healthier, and more awesome place to live in for us guys. So much of the female population is afraid to train heavy and get after it in the weight room for a variety of reasons, but Neghar, who is a goto expert in the fitness industry, is truly helping the cause for women everywhere to pursue a more healthy and more badass life. I really think highly of her work, and hope you girls out there will take a look at her stuff and implement some of her ideas into your lifestyle.

Follow Neghar here

3.) Eat & Train To Thrive By Alli Mckee- This is a fantastic read for the girls who are looking to learn more about some of the added benefits that come from strength training, conditioning, and healthy eating, but mostly the eating side of things. The good-looking body is only one awesome side effect. Alli, another amazing and highly respected female fitness expert, put it wonderfully in one of her last sentences.

“To me, eating to be lean is important but eating to promote the best hormonal responses, digestion, sleep patterns, daily energy levels, disease prevention, anti-inflammation and more.. Now that’s Eating to THRIVE.”

These words should be enough to stick with an awesome eating plan. Even someone in as great of shape as Alli will have a cheat meal or cheat day once in a while. You gotta live life. The thing is though, when you are very consistent with your healthy lifestyle habits, you can afford these splurges. To be so in tune with your body is such an amazing feeling. This is a wonderful article that clears the air on what ladies as fit as Alli eat regularly. No tricks. No BS. No shortcuts. Just clean living.

Follow Alli here

So what did we learn? These girls are obviously in tremendous shape. They are all very successful at helping others become more sexy and confident in their own skin. They all understand there are no shortcuts, no fad diets, no starving themselves to fit into a dress, no hours upon hours on the elliptical.

These women are models for the girls looking to get healthy, strong, sexy, and happy. These are the traits that are truly attractive to us men. Do yourself a huge favor and read some of their work. You’ll be better for it.

strong is sexy


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