Show Me Strength’s Reads of the Week, 12/30-1/5

Posted: January 6, 2013 by showmestrength in General
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Reads of the Week to Make Your Head Explode


This weeks reads of the week will hopefully make your brain explode, but in a good way, unlike the poor recipient of the above Clowney massacre of 2013. As 2013 commences, we want to help you focus your continuing education with some great reads of the week. Our goal, as always, is to continue to learn day in and day out. Please share our list widely and feel free to send in suggestions to, tweet us @showmestrength or post it on our facebook page! We are always looking to learn more!

The Real Rules of Assessment by Tony Gentilcore
Here Tony does a great job rationalizing the thought process behind his assessments and those used at Cressey Performance. It is interesting to see how he draws from a wide range of the many assessment systems out there. In the end, it is all about being able to properly determine the level of your athlete to best design a properly challenging progression for their development.

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Using Resistance Bands: Why Heavier Isn’t Always Better by Nick Tumminello
Resistance bands are a great tool; however, many people, including us at times, get carried away in thinking that we are getting a better training effect by using that extra thick band. This eye opening article talks about the proper use of resistance bands, shows the scientific breakdown of the band resistance strength/stretch comparisons, and offers some helpful tips on how to maximize your training when implementing resistance bands.

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Hip Extension and Rotation in the Baseball Swing by Jeff Albert through
As evidenced by the start of our “Baseball Research Review” series, we are a big fan of articles which blend the science and performance aspects of baseball and quantifiably demonstrate how to improve one’s game. In this article, Jeff does a great job of explaining and showing how hip extension and rotation are key components of the baseball swing. Additionally, he reminds athletes when performing exercises in the weight room to think about training movements which can correlate to the action for which you are training, in this case a powerful swing.

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