Show Me Strength’s Reads of the Week, 12/30 edition

Posted: December 30, 2012 by showmestrength in General

As the sun sets on 2012, there are no shortage of inspirational, motivational and informative reads this week! We especially enjoy the number of “year in review” type posts from many in the field including Mike Reinold (13 Ways to Dominate in 2013: The Best Articles of 2012), Eric Cressey (Best of 2012 Videos and Best of 2012 Articles), and Mike Robertson (The Top 10 RTS Posts of 2012). These posts provide a great framework to reflect on the year and to prepare for a even better 2013! Here our our top reads of the week and also some highlights of our top viewed articles of 2012!

1) Nate Green- The 3-Minute Breakfast in a Bowl

It’s amazing how many times Chad and I will hear from younger athletes we coach that they “don’t have time for breakfast.” Well, you can bet that is one of the first things we try to fix as we coach a younger athlete. There really is no excuse, especially after watching this quick advice from Nate Green.

2) Bret Contreras- How to Eat like a Man!

Bret does a great job of breaking down how to gain proper nutrients in simple terms. We all know that the wealth of knowledge out there on nutrition can become overwhelming at times. When should I eat my carbs? Should I even eat carbs? How do I justify my craving for 6 egg omelets when the whole world is telling me that my heart is about to explode if I do?

3) Dean Somerset ( Stretching Doesn’t Work

Dean describes the problematic mechanisms associated with traditional “static” stretching and lays out a great program for getting yourself beyond having the limited “mobility of a clam.” Using examples of adductor tightness, he further describes how “foam rolling” works, the purpose of active mobility after rolling, how to use “traction” exercises to increase mobility, and how to do it all in under 15 minutes of fun! Your former clam-self will thank you!

Show Me Strength’s Top Posts of 2012

1) The 3 Biggest Mistakes Kids Make While Playing Catch And My Solutions 
2) 5 Moves to Get Ready in a Hurry
3) What I’m Thankful For in 2011
4) Monday (Well actually Tuesday) Mental Musing- How Ice Baths, 4 a.m. Mountain Runs and Cheat Days can take your game to the next level
5) 1st Annual Cressey Performance Fall Seminar Review, Part 1
1st Annual Cressey Performance Fall Seminar Review, Part 2
1st Annual Cressey Performance Fall Seminar, Part 3
6) 2 Lessons for Up and Coming Baseball Players 


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