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Posted: December 15, 2012 by cmrodgers100 in General

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Often times the internet can absolutely destroy our productivity. Time can seem to pass by at lightning speeds when we are just casually searching through random websites that are in no way making us better human beings. It’s a sucky feeling to say the least…

Every single one of us is guilty of it. Cruising Facebook for much, much longer than we should..putting off our most important tasks until the very last-minute. I don’t know about you, but it makes me irritable, and dissatisfied. It also leaves an empty feeling when I’ve wasted precious minutes or hours investing in such meaningless stuff…because as we know or say we is short…fact…..

There is a bright side to this story though. Out in the world there are people living their dream to the fullest each and every minute. There are people living exciting, meaningful, and inspirational lives. There are people making a huge difference in other people’s lives and building a lasting legacy for the betterment of humanity. This stuff doesn’t make feel irritable, empty, or dissatisfied. In fact, just the opposite.

So when I do end up getting on the internet nowadays, I try to either read about these awesome people, learn something from these people, or share some wisdom or advice of my own. That way if someone happens to be randomly and mindlessly surfing the web and comes across our site, they are making themselves into a little bit better of a person than they were before they visited.

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins

There are positive changes, negative changes, and no change at all.Which one will you work for in your life?

With that, here are some awesome reads from some awesome folks who do awesome things.

1.) Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed Beef; An interview with the President of the Grassfed Assosiation, Dr. Patricia Whisnant by Chris ” The Kiwi” Ashenden– Chris is the co-founder of Athletic Greens, one of the most researched and thoroughly pure supplement companies out there. I take everything they offer. They make a delicious greens drink, fish oil, vitamin D, and BCAA’s. They are all incredible and top of the line. Anyways, Chris is obviously extremely well read in regards to nutrition, and this interview, which dissects the differences between the cows who graze on what they were meant to graze on in the pasture, and cows that are fed a manipulated diet, is very interesting. Worth a read if you enjoy eating your fair share of beef.

Follow Chris on twitter here.

2.) Baseball Strength Training Programs-Are Dips Safe and Effective? by Eric Cressey- This (among any of Eric’s baseball content) should be a must read for any baseball player unsure about proceeding with a strength and conditioning program to get ready for a season. So many times will you see a pitcher going through football style workouts to achieve optimal strength gains, but many of those movement patterns, programming schemes, and exercises in general can be a huge detriment to progress. Dips are a popular exercise, so make sure you do your homework, which EC has already done for you here, before you get started doing silly stuff in the gym.

Follow Eric on twitter here.

3.) Player Interview with Miami Marlins Reliever, Steve Cishek by Jay Kolster– If you’re a baseball player, who better to look to for advice than an established Major Leaguer? Steve is an incredible guy who trains alongside us at Cressey Performance. He is extremely hard-working, hasn’t had anything just given to him, and is very thoughtful when it comes to sharing what has led to some of his early success in the big leagues. Jay, current CP intern, does a fabulous job of asking insightful questions about his training.

Follow Jay on twitter here.

Hopefully you got yourself better by reading what these guys had to say. They are out there making a difference. Are you?

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