Show-Me Strength’s Reads of the Week

Posted: December 8, 2012 by cmrodgers100 in General, Training


Even though our main area of expertise lies in the world of baseball, we here at Show-Me Strength are fans of anyone and everyone who is making a positive difference in people’s lives. From our Resource Section that has links to some of the books out there that have helped us tremendously in our careers, to the Motivational Monday Reads that have inspired and challenged us to grow as athletes and individuals, we always feel a great debt to share some of the awesome stuff that has sincerely made a lasting impact on our own lives.

Continuing on that front, each week we will share some of the cool articles that we enjoyed…and think you will too!

Now….drumroll…..Here is Show-Me Strength’s debut of good reads of the week, and links to the great minds behind the writing!

1.) Debt Free in 24 Months at 24 by Brendon Rearick- I really think that each person who reads this post by Brendon can take away something unique that will make sense to them individually. The biggest item I took away was the fact that no matter what the circumstance, big or small, if we are diligent in creating a plan for success, and execute that plan with precision, our chance to see the fruit of our labor is pretty darn good. Brendon does an awesome job in showing how taking action toward the life we want to live is a reality for any of us.

Follow Brendon on Twitter here

2.) Presidential Fitness Challenge: Are Kids Really Benefiting? by Jay Kolster- So much of the work we do, coaching or training wise, happens to be with the younger generation (10-18), so I definitely focused a bit more on this one. If I could just convince all the kids I work with to warm up properly or eat right, 2 of the points Jay makes in the article, then my job coaching would go much, much smoother. Jay has impressed me as an intern at Cressey Performance, and I know he will be doing big things soon enough, so do yourself a favor and read his stuff.

Follow Jay on Twitter here

3.) 27 More Nutrition Facts by Michael Roussell– This is from a few months ago, but the information here is far from outdated. Mike knows more about nutrition than just about anybody, but makes the strategies in this article really short, simple, and easy to implement right away. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, there is a tip or two or 27 here that can help you.

Follow Michael on Twitter here

And Finally here is one of our’s in case you missed it.

1st Annual Cressey Performance Fall Seminar Review, Part 1. by Matt Kramer Part 2 and 3 coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow Matt here and Show-Me Strength here

Thats all for today! Hope you all enjoy.



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