Monday Motivational Reads!

Posted: December 3, 2012 by cmrodgers100 in General, Mental Game, Training

Case of the Mondays

Let’s get this week started off right. Here are a few reads from some very bright and successful people that we here @showmestrength have a tremendous appreciation for.

Martin Rooney – Join The Resistance-  Martin runs an amazing program called Training For Warriors (TWF) in which he reaches out and challenges everyone from athletes to weekend warriors to adopt a lifestyle of physical and mental training conducive to achieving one’s potential. Here is an article on his blog about consistently making the right choices in a society that presents us with so many unhealthy obstacles that often get in the way of our goals and aspirations. Martin challenges us to Join the healthy and more rewarding side of the fight. The Resistance.

Jim “SmittyDiesel” Smith- 50 Ways to Achieve Greatness in Your Life-  Even though he was in our most recent motivational post , Smitty continues to put out stuff that gets us fired up, so we had to share his most recent article that gives us 50 ways to better our day-to-day life with tips both big and small. Master just one of these and you’re making a significant and positive difference in your life.

TC Louma- The 7 Cowboy Values- This is an older T-Nation article from 2009, but it’s an awesome read from a really good writer. TC writes on a wide variety of topics, but this one really hits home for us guys out there.

Hope you enjoy! Have a kick ass week! Here is our training tune of the week!

Stevie Vai- Bad Horsie


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