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As you can tell if you follow the twitter feed @showmestrength (and if you aren’t, follow along here!)- I’m a big fan of the motivational quotes and tweets.  I like to keep an ever-growing list of quotes on my phone that I can refer to whenever I need that pick-me up or just for that important daily reminder.

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” -US General George S. Patton

I actually started keeping a list of quotes during my rookie season while with the Rome Braves (Low-A) team.  I had just received a call up (after two catchers were injured in the same inning, forcing me to take a 6 am flight the next morning from Orlando to Rome, GA, via Atlanta to start that night) and noticed that the tunnel walls going from the locker room to the dugout were covered in quotes.  I wrote all of them down and since then that list has grown considerably. (more…)


Happy 2012 from Show-Me Strength!

The New Year always brings new years resolutions and goals- that time of the year where many attempt to change their habits but more often than not, revert back to their own previous ways. The first step to seeing a resolution or goal through is to put it in writing and get it out there to friends and family who can help guide you and hold you accountable if need be. Here are a couple great New Years articles to inspire you and your business for 2012:

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10+ Ways to Rock 2012s Face Off- Rog Law
100 Ways to Create WOW- Todd Durkin

Instead of doing more of the same (although I do have goals written down) I’d like to do more of a reflection of 2011 and what I’m thankful for in my baseball career.

2011 was a tremendously exciting year for me as I made the transition from a released catcher/first baseman into a pitcher in the Boston Red Sox organization. My winding journey (more…)