Why train hard? For game 162 and beyond

Posted: September 29, 2011 by showmestrength in General
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Last night may have been the most exciting night of baseball in the history of the game with the fate of 4 teams’ seasons coming down to the final game of the regular season- Game 162. The meaning of the 161 games played from March through the end of September, day in and day out, through cold weather months and the dog days of August and into the cooling temperatures of fall, all was contingent on that last game. It can make or break an entire season.

Often times you’ll hear players talk about offseason training as a way to “get ready for spring.” Well while that might be part of it, the real importance of proper and intensive offseason training and nutrition is for game 162 and beyond. Proper training in the offseason will have a greater impact on physical preparedness for those dog days of summer, the playoff race, game 162 and hopefully beyond than it will for spring training in March.

Ideally, you’d like to think that you can maintain offseason strength gains throughout the entirety of a season but in reality, that’s just plain impossible. The grind of the season- the travel, lack of proper options for nutrition, subpar sleep patterns, and sometimes nagging injuries- will eventually take its toll and wear down your body. Because of this, it’s not only necessary- but absolutely imperative– to show up to spring in the best shape you possibly can, so that when the inevitable decline in strength occurs, you aren’t wasting away to nothing by the time the biggest games of the year arrive. Start strong so that when the strength declines during the season, you still have strength left in the tank to push through when it counts.

Because of this I take my offseason training and nutrition very seriously- training six days a week with strict emphasis on proper nutrition. Throughout these winter months I will show you what offseason training is like for myself and other professional baseball players who travel from near and far to Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA to train. Why do we train so hard in the offseason? For the stretch run, game 162 (or 142 in a minor league season) and beyond.


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