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Why train hard? For game 162 and beyond

Posted: September 29, 2011 by showmestrength in General
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Last night may have been the most exciting night of baseball in the history of the game with the fate of 4 teams’ seasons coming down to the final game of the regular season- Game 162. The meaning of the 161 games played from March through the end of September, day in and day out, through cold weather months and the dog days of August and into the cooling temperatures of fall, all was contingent on that last game. It can make or break an entire season.

Often times you’ll hear players talk about offseason training as a way to “get ready for spring.” Well while that might be part of it, the real importance (more…)


Welcome to Show-Me Strength!

Posted: September 27, 2011 by showmestrength in General

Welcome to Show-Me Strength! This site is dedicated to bringing strength training information to the masses with a focus on baseball. Having seen first-hand how proper strength training has positively influenced my baseball career from high school, to Division I college baseball and finally into the professional baseball ranks, I hope to “show-you” a unique and first-hand perspective of what it takes to improve one’s baseball ability and longevity through proper strength training. Whether you are a baseball player, baseball coach, strength coach or parent of an aspiring baseball player, my goal is to make you more knowledgeable about safe, effective, and career changing methods that will take you or your players, clients, or children to the next level and closer to fulfilling potential as a baseball player. Please continue to check back often as I will bring content directly applicable to all areas of baseball training!